Our Staff


With a knowledgeable, professional staff and a relationship with nearly 20 insurance carriers, we navigate customers through the complexities of insurance so they get the most comprehensive coverage possible. Because we operate with utmost integrity, we are constantly confirming that our customer’s best interests are being served so they can have complete peace of mind.

David Ford

Agency Principal

David is dependable, encouraging and stops at nothing to help other people find their success.

James McDonnell

Agency Principal

Jim is the “insurance doctor.” He is a Certified Benefit Consultant (CBC) and Licensed Insurance Counselor (LIC).

Denny Guernsey

Agency Principal

Denny is a certified insurance counselor and is always focused on doing your business right.

Paulette Andrews


It’s true…Paulette loves life! Her focus is Auto, Home, Umbrella, and LIFE Insurance; tailoring protection to your specific need. She loves spending time with family, boating, skiing and hiking. She’s active at her church and volunteers at the Pavilions.

Jim Blackburn


Jim is driven to find the very best coverage for his clients so they can rest easy when the unexpected happens. He might be U of M's biggest fan!

Garrett Boursaw

Sales Manager

Not only is Garrett a Certified Insurance Counselor, Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist, he also makes house calls when storms happen.

Kim Boyer

Employee Benefits Account Executive

Kim likes to have fun at work, but don't be fooled! She has a wealth of knowledge and over 32 years of experience within the insurance industry.

Eva Bramer


When Eva isn't fighting nasty insurance premiums she enjoys volunteering for various local non-profits, going to the beach and gardening.

Stacy Campbell

Sr. Account Manager

If Stacy had a super power, it would be empathy. When she isn't hard at work for her customers, she enjoys reading, gardening and playing with her grandson.

Cathy Chapple


Cathy treats her clients like family. She navigates customers through the complexities of insurance coverages and steers them to the most comprehensive plans.

Sally Drilling

Benefits Assistant

Our team loves Sally because of her attention to detail. Her keen eye and and organizational skills support our agents so they can spend time focusing on client needs.

Randy Hartgerink


Randy relentlessly pursues the best coverage for clients and makes sure they are thoroughly satisfied with the policies they have in place. Tennis anyone?

Denny Hess


Denny keeps his clients so satisfied with their insurance coverage that he has built a loyal customer base that constantly refers business to him.

Karen Husband

Lead Account Manager

Karen cares so much, it hurts! She is unabashedly passionate about caring for her clients' needs and making sure they get the very best coverage.

Debbie K


Debbie is the best! She's more than the friendly voice you hear when you call the office, Debbie is also a caring and compassionate soul.

Carol Leonard

Commercial Account Manager

Carol has complete dedication to both her clients and Ford Insurance Agency. She's a highly experienced team member with a great sense of humor!

Jenny Bell

Benefits Account Manager

"Don't let good people buy bad insurance." That's Jenny's motto and we happen to like it a lot. Fun fact: Jenny wrote that she wanted to be an insurance agent when she grew up as a child!

Mary Ann Lorenzen

Sr. Account Manager

Mary Ann is dedicated to providing the very best coverage for her clients so they can rest easy at night. She works hard so customers can relax when the unexpected happens.

Barb Maue

Sr. Account Manager

Barb is the client's advocate. She follows through on every client's request with accurate information and timeliness to meet their needs.

Courtney Myers

Commercial Agent

Courtney knows comp! Workers compensation is the only part of insurance that a client can truly control and that's why she knows it inside and out.

Carla Roberts

Commercial Account Manager

Carla believes in standing up for her clients. No, but seriously, she stands up for them every day at her standing desk.

Beverly Stubner


Bev is a dependable source of information for her clients. When they are looking into coverage, she has their best interest at heart. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and traveling with her husband.

Jean Vincent


Jean likes taking care of people. She loves being able to present a good product with good savings. Her many years of experience with clients and underwriters makes her a gem!

Kevin Tasch


Kevin enjoys keeping it real and making the workplace a fun place to come to. When accidents happen, Kevin is ready to take care of his clients when it matters most.

CJ Weber


CJ is the real deal. He'll tell it to you straight, but also make you laugh. Clients appreciate his honesty and thorough nature when explaining options.

Laverna Witkop

Benefits Agent

Laverna uses the Thumper method. If she can't do the business right, she doesn't do it at all. It's her thorough, trustworthy nature that keeps clients coming back to her each year.