admin | January 27, 2017

Ford Insurance Agency just had another HUGE customer service win on a claim that had come to a standstill. The insured client had been with their insurance company for 18 years and had a Personal Injury Protection claim that their insurer did make payments on, but their system told them the account was closed. The insured client needed unusual dental treatment as a result of her accident and the insurance company was not working with the client or dentist in regards to this necessary procedure that needed to be covered. Whether they decided to pay or not, our agent, Barb Maue, felt that the insured client deserved to be heard and have her file reviewed.

She fought hard for her client and after a lot of phone calls, (she even called the top claims supervisor in another state!) Barb was able to get them to review the file and to the insured client’s delight they decided that they did owe for the procedure’s needed.

Bottom line...Barb saved day and delivered the exceptional customer service that Ford Insurance Agency is known for!

Way to go Barb!